Acrylic on corrugated cardboard
Artwork, collage of about 100 pieces of cardboard joined together in wooden frame.
48 x 72 inches
122 x 183 cms
Completed in 2013

Unique artwork made by joining pieces of corrugated cardboard.

It was in year 2010 that while packing an artwork, I got attracted by the ridges of corrugated cardboard. A strong desire to create something unique and outstanding motivated me to work with the medium.

In this artwork I have first cut the corrugated cardboard in pieces then painted each piece with acrylic colors. After that I have joined and pasted the pieces on a ply-board to create this piece of art.

The artwork is framed in natural wooden frame. The size of frame is 48.7 x 72.8 x 2.4 inches. I have provided two hooks at the back for hanging. The artwork is signed and dated by me at the back.