Metallic Dreams

Installation of 20 artworks in metallic colors - gold, gold bronze, antique bronze, copper & silver
Wheels - paint on corrugated cardboard
Base - complimenting metallic paint on wood and ply-board
Each artwork measures between 3x3 to 6x6 inches with 1.3 inches depth
Total size of installation- 25 x 35 inches including 0.5 inch gap in-between each artwork

Metallic Dreams- Wall art of 20 panels in metallic colors - Gold, Gold Bronze, Antique Bronze, Copper & Silver

It was in year 2010 that while packing an artwork, I got attracted by the ridges of corrugated cardboard. A strong desire to create something unique and outstanding motivated me to work with the medium. After lot of experimenting and hard work I fine tuned the technique and started creating collages and 3D sculptures and installations.

'Metallic Dreams' is a beautiful installation of 20 panels with metallic colors three-dimensional wheels made from corrugated cardboard. Pictures cannot do justice to the artwork, the appearance and details are much more in person.

The making of the artwork is an elaborate process. From meticulously cutting the corrugated cardboard, painting each piece several times and then making the artwork. The wheels are pasted on wooden panels hand painted in complimenting shades of the pasted wheel. The panels are hollow at the back and therefore are easy to hang / mount.

The panels are of size 3”x3”, 4”x4”, 5”x5” and 6”x6” with a depth of 1.3 inch each (including the wheel). You can place these in any fashion you like. These panels can be placed on specially designed & easy to mount studs. You will get these studs along with simple hanging instructions. All you need is a hammer. Alternatively, you can also paste the studs on the wall with double sided tape which I will be sending along.

The pictures show one of the many beautiful ways in which these can be placed. The installation shown here has a space of 0.5 inch in-between each panel. The total size of this installation with spacing comes to 25 x 35 inches.

Thanks for supporting creative pursuits of all original artists