Born in 1964, art is Sanjay’s childhood passion. God has been kind to bless him with this unique talent. At the age of 7, he entered a painting contest and was highly appreciated by the judges. He was told that he is special and made for this field. At that point in time, he started his journey towards art. He makes abstract artworks with corrugated cardboard as a medium. He also constantly experiments and innovates to find newer and interesting ways to use this beautiful medium in his works.

Not limiting himself to a set pattern, he loves to play with colors and mediums and in the process expresses the vision that comes from his soul. His style and use of colors in abstract form is pure and vibrant with a view to generate similar emotions on the viewer which he experienced while creating that piece of art.

He expresses his feelings on social, emotional and spiritual themes through his works. He is also inspired and intrigued by the infinite
universe and our existence.

Represented by:
Woolff Gallery, London
The Art Cocoon, Dubai