My art is the manifestation of my thoughts, my emotions and my life experiences

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" said Van Gogh and that is what I have tried to achieve throughout my journey so far. Not limiting to a set pattern, I love to play with colors & mediums and in the process express my vision that comes from the soul. My style and use of colors in abstract form is pure and vibrant with a view to generate similar emotions on the viewer which I experienced while creating that piece of art.

I have learned by expressing my emotions and observing through colors. Painting has been my passion since childhood. The learning is still continuing and in the process helped me evolve as an artist experimenting with various mediums and techniques.
*Interview on All India Radio aired on 29th Jaunary 2015.
*Sculpture 'Galaxy' featured in 'geometric abstract collection' on Saatchi Art's homepage in March 2016.
*Interview on All India Radio aired on 28th September 2017 in their program 'lakshya'.
*Sculpture 'Galaxy III' featured in 'dimensional art' on Saatchi Art's collection in December 2017.
*Sculpture 'Metropolis II' featured in 'minimalist sculpture' collection on Saatchi Art's homepage in May 2019. Link given below: