Fusion III

Several pieces of hand-painted sticks of corrugated cardboard and
cardboard wheels are assembled in a vintage worn-out wooden letterpress tray. The letterpress tray has visible signs of aging with cracks and some missing pieces which gives it a rustic appeal.
18 x 39 x 1.8 inches
45 x 99 x 4.5 cms

It was in the year 2010 that while packing an artwork, I got attracted by the ridges of corrugated cardboard. A strong desire to create something unique and outstanding motivated me to work with the medium. After a lot of experimenting and hard work, I fine-tuned the technique and started creating collages and 3D sculptures.

Here I have used several components of corrugated cardboard to create a 3D artwork. The components of cardboard are set in a wooden vintage letterpress tray. The tray itself is handmade therefore is not very symmetrical. The signs of aging like cracks, paint marks, etc. are visible on the tray. Some pieces of the tray have cracks or may be missing due to their prolonged use which gives the artwork a rustic and contemporary appeal. The artwork is ready to hang as I have provided two hooks for hanging. The artwork is signed and dated by me on the back. A certificate of authenticity will be sent with the artwork.

The artwork measures: 18 x 39 x 1.8 inches. The top edge of the tray is wider than the rest and measures approx. 2 inches.

This vivid & vibrant artwork is sure to spread cheer and happiness to any room. Thanks for supporting the creative pursuits of all original artists.

*Not Available