Orion III

Made from over 4000 hand-painted sticks of corrugated cardboard each
pasted one at a time in a hand-painted wooden enclosure/frame.
10.2 x 10.2 x 1.7 inches
26 x 26 x 4.2 cms

This abstract 3D artwork has a very stunning appeal and gives a new appearance from different angles.
Made from small sticks of corrugated cardboard, hand painted and cut in different sizes. More than 4000 pieces have been used, each pasted one in a hand-painted wooden enclosure to create this beauty. The more you look at it the more interesting it becomes.
I try to create artworks that are vibrant and creative so that they are everlasting, bring happiness and cheer to the viewer and spread positives vibes in the room where these are hung.
This artwork is signed and dated at the back. This is ready to hang and comes with a certificate of authenticity for collectors.
Thanks for supporting the creative pursuits of all original artists.


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