Metallic Dreams III

'Metallic Dreams III' is a beautiful installation of 44 panels with metallic colors and three-dimensional wheels made from corrugated cardboard. 

The making of the artwork is an elaborate process. From meticulously cutting the corrugated cardboard, painting each piece several times, and then making the artwork. The wheels are pasted on panels made of wood and ply-board, hand-painted in complementing metallic colors. The panels are hollow at the back and therefore are easy to hang/mount.

 The panels are of size 3"x3" to 7”x7” with a depth of 1.3 inches. These panels can be placed on specially designed & easy-mount studs. You will get these studs along with simple hanging instructions and life-size templates. All you need is a hammer. Alternatively, you can also paste the studs on the wall with double-sided tape which will be sent along with the installation. The size of the installation is 37 x 65.5 inches including a space of 0.5 inches in between each panel.