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“May the Universe be with all those sane people who are insane to follow their passion”

After a series of successful exhibitions and media coverage, I was interviewed by All India Radio, Chandigarh in the year 2015 for one of their programs and then again in 2017 for a talk show ‘Lakshya’. On both the occasions one common question which came up was ‘what advice would I like to give to people who wish to make their passion as their profession’.

During my many solo exhibitions, I got to interact with many youngsters and even people of my age who were looking forward to making a switch from their mundane life to a more fulfilling life by following their passion. On another occasion when I was honored by Rotary Club, Ludhiana, I was asked to give a talk on my life’s journey.

I noticed that people do get inspired by my journey and become motivated to take the plunge but they still required regular hand holding and course correction. I realized that more than the initial thrust, it is the constant push which is required and therefore, I decided to compile my life experiences and mantras in form of a book so that I could reach out to a whole lot of people who need help.

This book is for all those people who desire to fulfill their life’s calling but need a little push and motivation. Having travelled the path myself, I now understand the process to follow and pitfalls to avoid. I have tried and put together a structured, easy to understand and follow, six step formula to ensure your success in this journey. I am sure this book will serve as your friend, philosopher and guide.

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